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Getting my steps

I just wanted to say how awesome Sarah is for getting me a Fitbit to track my steps.  I had the original Fitbit, but she got me the Charge so I can check heart rate and what not.  Those of you who have one know how much it helps to pay attention to how many steps you have.  I’ve been shooting for an easy 10k steps a day, and thanks to this awesome tracker all I have to do is hit the button to see where I’m at.  If you don’t have one, I or we suggest getting one.

Today also happened to be laundry day in the Billingsley residence.  How many of you really dislike laundry?  Yea, you’re not alone.  I did happen to get almost all of it done but some whites.  Sarah was so pooped from our night out that she got some much needed rest.  I was able to get the dishes done and clean up the kitchen too.  Bentley and I played some Lego Avengers for a while and watched some avengers on Netflix – man I love that kid!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic day!  Remember to be grateful for everything, never stop dreaming, and kill everything (not literally 😝)

*The pic was of breakfast yesterday, no relation to this post except for me wanting to get up and walk to the kitchen to make some more 😂.

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Brian • January 3, 2016

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